Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Details

Some answers to a few questions you may have.

After your creative session I will select your best images and edit them to bring out the unique and special qualities of each one. This will take a week or two, depending on the amount of images to be edited.
Your high res images will be saved on a disk for you to keep.
Your images are copyright free for your own personal use. Use them in invitations, print them, email them to family and friends.
Please do not use them for commercial applications/distribution/print without my permission.

50% of your fee is due at your initial session and the remaining 50% when you receive your images on disk.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fabulous Sister

To be fair, I have two fabulous sisters but the other one lives far away!

Absolutely Totally Fabulous

And you know you are!

Ok, we don't all like having our picture taken. Except sometimes we do. Maybe you want to have some great photographs with your best friend. Your sister or brother. Or some other special person in your life. You don't need a fancy occasion.

Or maybe you want to capture this time in your life in photographs. Celebrate how fabulous you are at 29. Or 21. Or 38. Or 57. We don't always appreciate our own beauty until we look back on it.
Be bold. Or be calm. Be courageous. Be silly. Be yourself and be fabulous!

Fabulous Photo Shoot
One location.
Approx one hour session.
12-16 uniquely edited images

*Intended for 1-3 people. Additional person may be added for $25. Please contact me to discuss pets or children!

Who? What?

Welcome to So Smitten!
Let me tell you a little about myself...

I'm a creative type person, but not a very good housekeeper.
I have fantastic twin boys and a beautiful bossy little girl.
I went to art school.
I fell in love with photography when I moved to Calgary (a really long time ago) and got a job in a portrait studio.
I used to take pictures of all my friends and then rush to the one hour photo place to get them developed. It was such a thrill. I love digital now, but it's still a thrill.
Photoshop makes me happy.
I've been to a lot of weddings for people I didn't know (wedding assistant).
My husband and I eloped. Sort of. We didn't really plan it that way. Our wedding was very spontaneous and intimate.
I shoot with a Nikon D300. My husband got it for me for Christmas. Because he spoils me like that! It's a beautiful camera. Heavy. But beautiful.

But enough about me...let's talk about you!
Lara Ellis

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Most of the time wedding pictures are one of two extremes. The 'let's get uncle Bob to do it for free' or the 'let's spend thousands of thousand dollars' category.
I think photographs are wonderfully valuable but not everyone needs or wants a full day or such a large investment.
But I think we can all do better than Uncle Bob.
And isn't it really about the two of you anyway?

What I'm suggesting is a creative session for just the two of you. Bride and Groom. Not on your wedding day. Before or after. No rush. No stress.
Let's collaborate. Let's celebrate. Let's make a statement.

Cake Topper
Approx 2 hour session
30-40 uniquely edited images

Friday, March 13, 2009


These rates are for a limited introductory time and are subject to change.

Photo Booth
One background. A handful of fun snaps. Short and sweet. Like a photo booth. Yeah.
Approx 30 min session
6-8 uniquely edited images

Come and Play
One location.
Approx one hour session.
12-16 uniquely edited images

Have a Blast
If you have a great idea, or want to collaborate for a really unique shoot let's make it happen.
Have some fun with locations/props.
Approx two hour session.
25-35 uniquely edited images.