Sunday, March 22, 2009

Absolutely Totally Fabulous

And you know you are!

Ok, we don't all like having our picture taken. Except sometimes we do. Maybe you want to have some great photographs with your best friend. Your sister or brother. Or some other special person in your life. You don't need a fancy occasion.

Or maybe you want to capture this time in your life in photographs. Celebrate how fabulous you are at 29. Or 21. Or 38. Or 57. We don't always appreciate our own beauty until we look back on it.
Be bold. Or be calm. Be courageous. Be silly. Be yourself and be fabulous!

Fabulous Photo Shoot
One location.
Approx one hour session.
12-16 uniquely edited images

*Intended for 1-3 people. Additional person may be added for $25. Please contact me to discuss pets or children!

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